Wednesday, 7 December 2011

No need to be a vampire....yet!

I cannot believe it is already the 7th  and I have failed to post in December. Poor show by me, but life has certainly been hectic.

This hectic-ness has been a real test on my low Fodmap life. I have not been home for 6 nights, and whilst staying at my sisters (Sister T) is lovely, her family (all one big man, one sister and 3 little angels of them) eat a much different diet to me.

I must add here that my family have been wonderfully supportive and each time I visit there is always the pre-emptive phone call, what can you eat again? what about this? What is that milk called? What about broccolli? and so on and so on. The questions are getting less and less each visit and they are all helping me find new foods, recipes and ideas, which is fabulous.

Yet, staying away from home, long working hours and other commotions can reek havoc on a healthy eating plan never mind a low Fodmap life. At no point did I have to eat something that wasn't low Fodmap, I am always pretty strict about that, but the balance can get off kilter, when the ease of reach and quickness of food comes to the forefront. I am already more aware that my body is suffering due to lack of fruit and veg, and this is something, now back at home and I must fix.

Anyway, back to the vampires. Last week I introduced Garlic, after my onion re-introduction highlighting the fact I have a problem with onion, I wasn't holding out much hope. But, I was pleasantly surprised, garlic it seems does not have an adverse effect on me.

The first night I added garlic to a homemade tomato sauce, 1 clove, no adverse reaction, absolutely fine. Second night I added the equivalent of 2 cloves of Garlic Salt to a risotto, still absolutely fine, marvellous. 3rd night I had 3 clove garlic bread (using gluten free ciabatta - Sainsbury's FreeFrom to be precise), and again, I was good, didn't have the best breath but I was good.

I will be testing garlic again, as I have a fear that the garlic salts may have eased the build up of the actual carbohydrates. Certainly, I will not be immediately allowing garlic into my diet willy nilly. But, it is nice to know that when I am eating out and garlic is part of the meal I will not immediately be rushing to the bathroom in agony.

So, I need not be a vampire yet, garlic, for now, remains, not so much a friend, but a distant acquaintance.

Now, I am taking a few deep breaths, getting back to cooking (new recipes on here soon) and eating a very balanced and varied Fodmap diet , which may just include a wee bit garlic.

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