Monday, 14 November 2011

Where it all began.......

I have been having bad stomach symptoms for years, well 13 years actually. And when I say stomach problems I really should say bowel problems.

My symptoms range from occasional constipation, constant uncomfortableness, uncontrollable wind, sleepy-itis and cramps/pain from below my ribs to my pelvis that would leave me crippled. My worst symptom and the hardest to deal with on a daily basis was diarrhoea. Every body knows how the song goes "you know you're having trouble, when your butt begins to bubble, diarrhea, diarrhea when your stomach's really hurting, and your butt it starts a squirting, diarrhea, diarrhea " and this is some of the nicer lyrics.
But this at times over the years was my everyday life, never knowing when it was going to happen, where or when it would stop.

I have had every test and exploratory op under the sun, moon and stars. Blood test, breath tests, colonscopies, endoscopies, colonscopies and endoscopies on the same day. A Laparoscopy, for which I now bear a lovely little scar at my belly button, my proud, there wasn't anything physically wrong, war wound. I even swallowed a little camera in a pill that photographed my insides for a day; I am convinced my colon may have been the prettiest the doctors had ever seen.

I am lucky there was nothing physically wrong with my bowel, colon or stomach. I did not have any of the debilitating inflammatory bowel diseases (Crohns, Ulcerative Colitis to name just two).
Whilst this was wonderful news, it did not explain my lock, stock and barrell of symptoms that I was suffering under.

I was willing to accept, as it was put to me, I had a very severe case of irritable bowel syndrome, but I was not willing to accept the symptoms continuing to control my life.

Eventually, and most recently I was sent to a dietitian/nutritionist to identify if food was causing my problems. In the past I have kept 3 month food diaries but there was no clear pattern that ever evolved to point me in the direction of food making me ill.

This is merely a brief history to bring you to where I am now. This blog is not about me being ill it is about me getting better. I am only at the beginning but I wanted to start journaling (i checked this is a word) my journey back to health and Good Food.

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