Tuesday, 15 November 2011

What it is.

So what it is, is this. 6 and a half weeks ago, I met my dietitian/nutritionist. I explained all the symptoms I was having; we discussed lactose intolerance, as the breath test I had showed that I may have a small intolerance, but this was not explaining the severity of my symptoms.
My dietitian handed me two pamphlets and began to discuss a new diet that had been introduced for sufferers of IBS, but also had made improvements in the everyday lives of all Inflammatory Bowel Disease sufferers. Most IBS sufferers notice results quickly and dramatic improvements in their health and well being.
The pamphlets were for a diet called The Low Fodmap Diet.

Before I go into the science bit and the diet itself, I have to point out that so far my health has dramatically improved, I feel at least 80% better most days. For me the diet has been a revelation. Not because I have a definitive answer or a definitive diagnosis but because finally I feel, for once, in control.

For the, probably, 2 months running up to seeing the dietitian, I was becoming fed up with the constant not knowing what was wrong. The constant tests coming out positive 'we are happy to say your test has come out clear' 'yay! good news. So why cant i get off the toilet?!'. Was the constant catch 22 I was travelling in. So I was eating pretty much anything I wanted, food good for me, food bad for me, food that previously I wouldn't have even bothered with. If nothing was going to make me feel better why should I care, was generally my sorry for myself philosophy.

After Day 1 on The Low Fodmap Diet, I began, pretty much immediately, to feel better. And after day 4 The bloating was going down and my energy was up. My 4pm 'I will actually kill you for sugar' followed by 5pm 'I will just close my eyes for a minute' slumps disappeared. I possibly had the worst 6 weeks socially to attempt The Low Fodmap diet, with birthday parties, Halloween and Bonfire parties all arranged. And yes I couldn't eat everything that everybody was eating. But I did not feel bloated and uncomfortable, I wasn't in pain and having to pretend -no I would rather be sitting here on my own than enjoying myself on the dance floor- and, crucially, I didn't spend the best part of my night in a toilet cubicle too embarrassed to come out and eventually having to leave, taking my friends with me. (This last bit is because I have fabulous friends who would never see me go home alone, nor would I them.)

What I am trying to say is it has worked so far for me. I have lost the fear and enjoying life.

The Science Bit will follow very soon.......

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