Sunday, 20 November 2011

Saturday Night Spaghetti

Before I had to adjust my diet to eating only Low Fodmaps, one of my favourite Saturday night recipes was Nigella Lawson's Lone Linguine. As the good lady herself describes it this should be 'ate alone and thrillingly'. Me, I like it with a glass of something cold, preferably white and something wonderful on the telly-box [read a good movie, normally romcom or, ok,  I admit it last night my Saturday Night Spaghetti was served with a side helping Strictly Come Dancing and X Factor].

It is an extremely indulgent dish that has one serious star performer - White Truffle Oil:

White Truffle Oil is an expensive ingredient but you only need a few drops to take advantage of its deep flavour and heady aroma.

Starting on the low Fodmap diet I thought I might have seen my last Lone Linguine, which has been a massive treat, very indulgent and all for me, me, me.

But I couldn't say goodbye to it, so here is my low Fodmap version Saturday Night Spaghetti, and even if I do say so myself it is just as delicious, indulgent and it is still all for me, me, me.

Ingredients (for one, obviously):

Gluten Free Spaghetti
1 egg
3tbsp Lactofree cream
3tbsp grated Parmesan
few drops of white truffle oil, or to taste
Ground white pepper
1tbsp butter

Bring a large pot of water to a rolling boil. Salt the water and add the gluten free spaghetti. Normally 4-5oz per person is enough, but nobody will judge if you add a little more. Boil the pasta for as long as stated on the back of the packet.*
Remove a few tablespoons of the spaghetti's water and reserve. Drain the spaghetti.
In a bowl whisk the egg, cream, Parmesan, the truffle oil and a good pinch of the white pepper.
Put the drained spaghetti back in the pan it was cooked in, and add the butter and 1tbsp of the reserved spaghetti water. Stir until butter melted and spaghetti covered.
Stir in the egg mixture and keep mixing until the pasta is lightly coated and smooth.
Season and serve. Enjoy.

Creamy, indulgent pasta dishes need not be a thing of the past when you follow a low Fodmap diet.

*A little tip: always cook any gluten fee pasta for the exact time it states on the back of the packet. Any shorter it will not be al dente it will just be not cooked. Far too long and it will become too sloppy to cook with or enjoy.

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