Friday, 25 November 2011

A Day in the Eating Life.

Following a low Fodmap diet, I often get asked, 'well, what do you eat?'. It is too easy to concentrate on the things we can't eat, that us Fodmap intolerants can find ourselves stuck in a boring food rut. This does not need to be the case.

Yes, we are often met with friends and family stating 'oh, I don't know if I could live without bread' 'you can't eat onions? Oh I love a curry!'. But, whats more important is to focus on the things we can eat, the foods we can enjoy. We have been punished enough through years of illness and, not knowing how to make ourselves well, lets not punish ourselves dreaming and salivating over the things we cannot eat.

Instead let focus on good produce. We can eat all kinds of red meat (steak, beef, lamb), we can eat chicken and pork, and we can eat fish in all its wonderful shapes and sizes. Unless you follow a vegetarian diet, this give you a wonderful basis for every meal of every day. We can eat potatoes and rice; both of which I was very happy about when I realised. Potato forms some of my favourite comfort food, roast, mash, baked and of course chips. Rice is a wonderful food vehicle for flavour from an accompaniment to a meat dish, to a star in its own right. Add in to this the likes of Quinoa, and carbs begin to look really interesting again.
Vegetables are still a long list of colours, textures and flavours: carrots, peppers, pumpkin, butternut squash, Pak  Choi, tomatoes, I could go on and on.
Save garlic and onion, the spice world is our new best friend. Try them all, mix them together, don't be scared of those you have never had and find new uses for the ones you love.
And don't forget eggs, the ultimate fast food. Breakfast, lunch and dinner, eggs never fail to deliver.

My daily menu generally looks like this:


Porridge - good old fashioned Scotts Porridge Oats made with water and Salt then served with Lactofree milk.
Oatibix with lactofree milk


Baked potato with tuna or egg
Rice Cakes or Wheat + Rye free Crispbreads with cheddar cheese, tuna or cold meat.
Homemade soups
And of course leftovers from the nights before dinner (generally my favourite)


I can't actually only think of a few to write here, as they change all the time but, a few of my go to meals are

Gluten Free Pasta with Homemade Tomato Sauce
Variations of stir frys with rice noodles
Risottos (made with homemade stocks)
Omelettes (in particular potato omelettes)


Cashew Nuts
Alpro Soya yoghurts (all flavours are delicous and take the edge of the I need something sweet moments)
Salt and vinegar Snack a Jacks


Chamomile Tea
Peppermint Tea
The odd glass of lemonade
And of course the odd glass of wine.

This is my everyday, Monday-Friday, bog standard working day eats. My weekends normally involve some sort of cooking, trying new recipes and new ingredients. But often the working week does not allow for such time extravagance, so it is important to have tasty staples that are fast and that you will always have the ingredients to hand. One thing a low Fodmaps eater cannot rely on is Fast food and processed foods - thank goodness - take this as a blessing.

The most important thing is to find the food you enjoy, a list foods that keep you well but also leave you satisfied. Once you have this, you can then move onto experimenting and finding foods that give you a whole lot more. Or dare I say it start serving low Fodmap foods to family and friends, without them realising the foods missing, but simply enjoying a lovely meal.

Its what I plan to do.

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