Thursday, 17 November 2011

The admin of it.

I have spent most of today, not thinking about some lovely post that I can put on here that is funny and revealing but trying to get the blog out there. Nobody warned me about the admin. Between ensuring that my blog is on twitter, various blog search sites and thinking about a Facebook page I am creative materialed out.

It seems this blogging can be hard work, I am looking forward to the point it is habitual and I can start getting everyday stories and Fodmap recipes on here. That my friends is the point my impatient self is racing forward to.

The other side of me that likes to do things right, and actually enjoys the odd bit of admin, is attempting to do this thing right. If anybody has any tips for me, please stand up and be heard?!
In a dream admin world I would be dressed like Joan from Mad Men, have a typewriter and be very good at filing, and this would all be a breeze. But I will settle for Joans' wardrobe and be happy with my laptop if I can just get through this admin stuff.

If you are reading this today, then thank you for bearing with me. And check back very very soon for some real good food stuff.

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